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Who we are

Windmolen Asia Security Group has the characteristic of the old Dutch Windmill. Windmolen aims to be the symbol of safety and security by providing world-class protection techniques. The threats are there but in the field of safety;
We lead, others follow

Windmolen is the Dutch name for Windmill. In the nineteenth century there were about 9.000 windmills in Holland. Windmills played an important and vital part in the life of Holland and its inhabitants. The most important thing was that the windmills worked day and night to fight the water out from flooding Holland. The windmill created land by pumping water out from lowlands and transferring them into the canals. In that time the windmill delivered world-class protection techniques.

Together with the dikes the windmills were operated day and night safeguarding the inhabitants of lowlands in Holland from the water.

Beside that the windmill served to grind corn and to saw timber, later on it became a source of producing electricity thus delivering an entire safe lifestyle and making the country fit for human habitation and adding to habitable area. The windmill developed in the seventeenth century - into a most important factor in the social structure of Holland, and continues to play a vital role in this day and age.

just as the windmills were protection against the floods, Windmolen Asia in Pakistan offers a sophisticated state of the art, tough protection program against the threats which exist in these turbulent times.

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