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What we do

Windmolen Asia delivers integrated security solutions to foreign consulates, embassies, foreign security companies, diplomatic protection services, foreign companies, humanitarian organizations, aid agencies, private corporations and non-government organizations in Pakistan and surrouding areas. Our security programmes, threat assessments, training, and logistic support services are designed to help clients create and sustain a secure business model and to ensure business continuity in unstable environments.

The management team at Windmolen Asia has more than three decades of experience in providing security. Our security specialists are experts in their fields with extensive experience in providing security strategy, intelligence, information gathering, crisis response, counter assault teams, protective teams, motorcade teams and comprehensive training/logistics programs. We leverage our military and law enforcement experience to provide security services in high-risk, high-threat environments.

Our specialist consultant teams develop customized security programs, deployment strategies and protective strategies that are tailored to fit each one of our clients' individual requirements. We have developed and implemented rigorous field-tested procedures for assessing risks as well as developing protective counter measure to reduce them.

With vast expertise gained abroad in fields of executive protection, diplomatic protection, anti-narcotics and anti-terrorist task forces, counter intelligence teams and counter assault teams the Windmolen Asia security group has established itself as the leader of security services in Pakistan & surrounding areas.

We, at Windmolen Asia have set ourselves high standards; we believe in extreme professionalism; we carry out rigorous and extensive training and our company implements a stringent code of ethics.

Our mission is to excel at what we do, provide the highest quality of services and to be the leaders in the industry.

Our motto:
We lead, others follow.

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