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Windmolen Asia offers a comprehensive set of training solutions to the Government, military, foreign consulates, foreign missions, and private companies among other clients. We take pride in our international focus and mindset which fosters adaptability and cultural sensitivity when working in a particular geographic region.

Hailing from premiere institutions such as the military and other law enforcement agencies our instructors are former law enforcement officers and ex-special forces' officers of the Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force. In addition to their vast experience they bring world-class knowledge and professionalism to the training program.

Depending on the project in question we also employ professional trainers from foreign regions such as Europe and USA who bring with them experience of being part of special operations groups and training programs.

Our training curriculum is the key to our successful training courses which combine classroom training, scenario-based exercises and practical applications to create an active learning environment for each student.

These programs can be customized to train small groups (special units) or can be adapted to train large groups such as guard forces.

We have vast and in-depth knowledge in security training which allows us to successfully administer security related "train the trainer" programs. We assist our clients in determining their specific needs, we provide tailor-made curriculums, and most importantly we focus on developing indigenous personnel who can assume the duties of a trainer as soon as possible.

We implement a crawl-walk-run methodology, and we seek to push more responsibility and opportunity on the trainees in order to facilitate quick and efficient learning.

Windmolen Asia has been selected to train the special operations group of the Pakistan Army in the past. We have also in the past designed the security program for a multinational company that required 24 hour surveillance to secure over 4000 of their physical locations throughout Pakistan.

Windmolen Asia specializes in delivering customized courses that meet the clients' specific requirements.

Our courses are delivered any where in the world to any facility. We have the ability to provide training for the following programs:
- Tactical operations & SWAT trainings
- Protective detail training
- Executive protection officers
- Defensive driving
- Motorcade operations
- Armored vehicle operations
- Personal protection teams
- Counter assault teams
- Surveillance detection
- Basic & advanced marksmanship courses

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