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Windmolen Asia delivers fixed site and mobile security services to protect personnel, infrastructure and other critical assets in high-threat environments. We specialize in developing layered security packages that are culturally sensitive; we employ security professionals of numerous nationalities in order to fully utilize the synergistic advantages of multi national human resource cooperating with a domestic team. Windmolen Asia provides a professionally trained, well-equipped, motivated and proactive security force capable of deterring, detecting and responding to a wide variety of security challenges in hostile environments.

Our workforce of trained security professionals is drawn from prestigious institutions and most of our personnel are former special operations, defense, intelligence, and law enforcement professionals who are always ready for deployment at a short notice.

We also retain personnel who have previously served in the anti-terrorist division of the Pakistani Special Forces, the Frontier Corps and other law enforcement and intelligence agencies in Pakistan.

Our meticulous screening and evaluation procedures ensure that only the most suitable candidates with relevant experience and the highest credentials are selected to be part of the Windmolen Asia team. The rigorous training that follows ensures that our operatives have the skills and level of professionalism required for a specific assignment.

We have a multi-lingual, multi-cultural talent pool; our personnel are fluent communicating in several languages and dialects found in South East Asian region.

Medical Capability
Our resource pool includes trained medical officers who have previous experience working in military hospitals. In addition, every security specialist is also trained to carry out basic first aid and paramedical practices.

K9 Security Dogs
Windmolen Asia will soon have the capability of providing clients, upon request, with K9 services in the near future. Our surveillance, attack and explosive detection dog teams will be a significant force multiplier to any security package.

The K9's ability to detect these substances provides an additional layer of force protection and screening capability. These security dogs not only provide a visual deterrence but are also a proven method for personnel protection and crowd management. We have the logistics in place to have these dog teams airlifted from Europe for pressing projects and timelines.

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Executive protection program

Windmolen Asia operates the most professional EPP program in the region. Our Executive Protection Officer's (EPO's) are highly decorated & highly skilled ex-special forces operatives of the Pakistan Military.

The EPP program is deployed to clients after a thorough security and threat assessment. The EPO's being deployed are then passed through a rigorous 3 week refresher training program where local as well as foreign trainers conduct the training exercise. Following which the EPP program is deployed.

Windmolen Asia operates a central nervous command and control structure from where all EPP programs are monitored 24/7, 365 days of the year.

The Windmolen Asia EPP program operates for protection of Foreign Consulates, Diplomatic Protection Services, Motorcade operations & Evacuation plans. Our EPO's are equipped with the latest equipment and are Windmolen Asia ELITE FORCE.

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Evacuation program

Windmolen Asia implements stand-by evacuation plans for the clientel it serves. Evacuation programs are designed after our threat assessment team conducts a complete site survey, threat assessment of the infrastructure and of the client. A thorough route survey is conducted identifying the vulnerabilities and risks.

Following which an evacuation plan is developed. The evacuation plan depending on the threat assessment could include the use of Armored Vehicles, Executive Protection Officers, helicopters, or executive jets. Windmolen Asia takes the evacuation of a client extremely serious and the company ensure's the client safety till the destination point identified is safely reached.

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Motorcade security program

In today's threatening environment, attacks on Diplomat's, Foreign Consulate Personnel, Humanitarian Organizations and AID agencies have become very common. The threat is present because of the vulnerability of the principal.

Kidnapping of personnel and assassination attempts can be avoided with the implementation of Windmolen Asia armored motorcade program. In this program depending on the assessment multiple vehicles can be deployed. With each motorcade security program Windmolen Asia operates a built in Executive Protection Program. Windmolen Asia provides defensive & evasive driving training for motorcade operations.

Windmolen Asia has the capability to provide:
- Armored (B6+ sedan/4x4) Vehicles,
- Non-armored (sedan/4X4) Vehicles.

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Static security program
Perimeter security program
Uniformed security program
Humanitarian aid/peace
keeping security

Windmolen Asia has a specialized department of 1500 trained security gaurds. These security teams have the capability of providing;
- Static uniformed security presence,
- Static perimenter security presence,
- Check post security teams for entry and exit points,
- CCTV camera control/monitoring rooms.

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