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Our People

Windmolen Asia is an international security services company that offers your country or organization a complete solution to the most pressing security needs.

We have the personnel, logistical support, equipment and expertise to solve the most critical security problems. In a world where threats are diverse and multifaceted, where it is increasingly difficult to completely and successfully protect your organization, and where your security concerns are evermore complex, Windmolen Asia is dedicated to providing the best physical security
programme in the region.

Our people are at the heart of our success. Windmolen Asia employs highly trained security professionals with vast experience in the business. Our team develops creative, customized solutions to match each client's individual requirements.

Our personnel and team leaders are skilled in the latest security and investigative techniques and equipment; they work with a vast network of national and international contacts to provide clients with impeccable service.

As an organization Windmolen Asia's primary focus is customer satisfaction. We work as a team, transcending organizational and geographic boundaries to satisfy our clients' needs. We believe in delivering superior services to our clients with professionalism, flexibility, and a sense of accountability that extends to the entire team.

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