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Windmolen Asia can perform extensive security audits to help identify weak spots and loop holes in any security programme. These audits and risk analysis, examine methods, procedures and systems for security vulnerabilities.

Windmolen Asia has the ability to evaluate corporate programmes ranging from personnel protection to disaster and terrorist attack (counter assault) response plans.

Windmolen Asia can support risk mitigation and vulnerability assessments with a skilled set of individuals who are experienced in their specific fields.

Whether it is analyzing a supply chain, a static facility, or personal security detail, Windmolen Asia's team has the depth of knowledge and experience to assist in risk identification and risk mitigation approaches.

Our experienced and highly trained security specialists develop and implement comprehensive security solutions by analyzing current security conditions and developing tailored contingency plans to minimize risk.

Windmolen Asia can provide:
- Pre-employment screening services,
- Personnel verifications services,
- Client vulnerability assessments,
- Security surveys,
- Physical & operations security plans,
- Security program implementation & consultancy,
- Security program deployment strategy.

Windmolen Asia threat assessment and security surveys are designated and certified as qualified anti-terrorism technologies by the experience its management has gained over the past three decades working with various law enforcement organizations in Europe.

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